2019 Show sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Mars Equestrian


King Construction

Tri-County Feeds, Fashions, Finds

Awards Sponsors

Boy-o-Boy Bridleworks - Classic Awards

NickerDoodles - Official Treat Sponsor

Pony Locks - Pony Champion Awards

Ride Every Stride - Champion Awards


Dr. Betsee Parker

The Peterson-Fellows Family


The Bishop Family

Caliburn Farm

The Families of S & W Equestrian

Oakwood Stable

Newstead Farm

Snowbrook & Belle Grey Farm


The Equestrian Institute at Garrison Forest School

Shenandoah Family Dentistry

Skyland Farm


Hidden Hollow & Ginny Edwards

Hogan Horse Transport

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest M Oare

Springledge, LLC

Michele Trufant & Thurston Willis

Wetherburn Farm

Suzanne & Glenn Youngkin

Cooler Sponsors

The EMO Agency

Elizabeth & Shelton Horsley

The Mangano Family

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Matz

Pam C Baker, LLC

Horse Ambulance Sponsored By:

Mary B Schwab

Code Four Show Stables

Eight Oaks

S & W Equestrian

Zoellen Speelman

Toni Cortellessa

Hospitality Sponsors

Winter Hill & Lynn Rice - Derby Breakfast

Washington Fine Properties - Welcome Stake Party

Rita Norton - Friday Lunch

The Middleburg Hunt & The Harmon Family Sunday Lunch & Welcome Wagon

Beverly Equestrian - Welcome Wagon

CB Farm & The Frulla Family - Welcome Wagon

Eight Oaks - Welcome Wagon

Rachel Howell & Quiet Haven - Welcome Wagon

2018 show sponsors

Founders & Benefactors: Dr. Betsee Parker, The Peterson-Fellows Family, Newstead Farm, Rita Norton, Shannon & Bennett C. Stichman, Nicole H. Perry & Andrew T.C. Stifler

Patrons: Anna Duff, Ginny Edwards & Hidden Hollow, Leslie Kopp, Shenandoah Family Dentistry

 Friends: Ann Thompson, Anonymous, Dorna Taintor & Belmont Farm, Gavin Moylan Stables, Hogan Horse Transport, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest M. Oare, Skyland Farm, Wetherburn Farm, Wiseman & Associates

 Cooler Sponsors: Pam Baker, The Mangano Family, The Matz Family, Michele Trufant & Thurston Willis

 Breakfast Sponsors: CB Farm/The Frulla Family, The Middleburg Hunt

2017 Show sponsors

Founders & Benefactors: The Bishop Family, Shelby & Carol Bonnie, Newstead Farm, Dr. Betsee Parker, Lauren Peterson & The Peterson-Fellows Family, The Stettinius Family

Patrons: Leslie Kopp , The McVeighs & Wetherburn Farm

Friends: Anonymous, Anna Duff, Ginny Edwards & Hidden Hollow, The Pell Family & Shenandoah Family Dentistry, Denice & Roy Perry & Skyland Farm, Dorna Taintor

Cooler Sponsors: Pam Baker, EMO Insurance, The Mangano Family, Middleburg Academy, Quiet Haven Farm & Rachel Howell, Shadow Ridge Farm

Awards Sponsors: Enviro Equine, Warhorse Solutions

Little Red Wagon Sponsors: Kevin Bruce & CB Farm, Sprout Therapeutic Riding & Education Center


2016 Show sponsors

Corporate Sponsors: Dover Saddlery & WildGold

Division & Class Sponsors: Sherri Crawford, Shenandoah Family Dentistry - The Pell Family, Skyland Farm - Denice & Roy Perry, Cedar Creek/Rokeby Families, Leslie Kopp

Hospitality Sponsors: Woodbox Farm - The Fellows-Peterson Family, The Red Fox Inn, Federal St Cafe, Teddy's Pizza

Contributors: Shelby and Carol Bonnie, Dr. Betsee Parker, Hunt Country Accommodations, Leighton-Oare Foundation, Newstead Farm, Dorna Taintor & Belmont Farm, Pamela Vance


2015 SHOW Sponsors

Johnny & Kitty Barker, Eight Oaks Farm, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bonnie, Sherri & Jesse Crawford, Peter Foley & Woodhall Farm, Patty Foster & Mary Lisa Leffler, Bruce & Kimberly Gottwald, Jenny Graham & Cedar Creek Farm, Leslie Kopp, Stephen & Sally McVeigh & Wetherburn Farm, Middleburg Real Estate/Atoka Properties, Newstead Farm, Ernest & Betty Oare, Dr. Betsee Parker, Dr. Jared Pell & Family, Denice & Roy Perry & Skyland Farm, Lance & Lynn Rice, Stacey Schaefer, Stephen & Sue Symons, Dorna Taintor & Bel Mont Farm, Linda Taylor, Donna Zimmerman